Hand-drawing yuzen dyeing workshop in May, 2015

yuzen dyeing workshop poster

Yuzen is an art of hand-dyeing kimono fabrics conceived more than 300 years ago. In this workshop you will learn how to draw lines and patterns with rice glue resist and decorate a 40 cm x 60 cm sheet of fabric with multicolored dyes. The hand drawing method of yuzen dyeing is somewhat similar to water-color painting but, since it is a dyeing method, you can paint on fabrics, such as your clothes, bed linens, table cloths etc; you can also wash and reuse these fabrics. This workshop is the follow-up session of the Japanese wood block print dyeing workshop held last November, but new participants are also welcome. There are tools for sale. The two day workshop will be taught by a fabric artist, Yuko Yamamoto, at Studio G Art (7298 Somenos Road Duncan, BC). The participation fee is $180 including the materials. For more information please contact Yuko at yuko@seyuzen.com

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