Making something about loved ones

In this posting, I picked up past works about my family.

weaving about my dog and me

I wove a tapestry  about my dog, Hana. I wove Hana and me, but my daughter says it is Hana and her.  ↑


Hana  was born in Chicago, lived in Tokyo for a while, and moved to Vancouver Island.  ↑


My daughter looked vulnerable in the incubator, in which she had to live for more than 100 days. ↓



 We believed in her life force, and she made it. ↑


I painted my husband.  It looks like he is praying, but is sleeping.   ↓



I made a performance  art piece about my father who left lots of love to us. I will make another piece soon. ↓

Quebec City

Yoku Yamamoto 55 of 79


Quebec city 2

(Rencontre international d’art performance de Québec, Québec City, 2006)


My father’s mother and I were the best of friends.  ↓


grannma and me (part)

2 responses to “Making something about loved ones”

  1. Beverley Russell says:

    This was a wonderful story and we surely understand how you feel. The weaving of Hana and you/Naona is so well done. I love the detail. Very beautiful!

  2. Yuko says:

    Thank you!

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